Magical Minds BS


John A. Florez

BCBA – Master in Special Education
Clinical Director / Founder

Nohora Koenig

Behavior Therapist - Master in Special Education

“Let us make the difference in your child's life”

Our goal is to help your child through ABA therapy to achieve positive changes that benefit their day to day and last over time. We want your child to learn to live in a more active, independent, inclusive and participatory way in society, improving their quality of life and their school performance. We also offer orientation and training to parents and caregivers in everything related to the well-being and care of the child, as well as training them about the interventions implemented so that they are maintained over time, thus reducing stress and frustration, since we know that this may not be an easy journey.

To provide high quality therapy with our highly trained staff so that children diagnosed with autism or any other behavioral difficulty can overcome their behaviors that affect their quality of life as well as their social and school performance. We also train the caregivers and family members with compassion and empathy so that they know how to implement the therapies and strategies we designed for their child.
Ensure that every child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or any other behavioral difficulty have access to ABA therapy and all other services that our agency provides, through committed and compassionate providers. we deliver quality services and excellence to achieve a better quality of their life and social inclusion.